Monday, October 20, 2014

I am really enjoying this series!

Novel - The Sorceress The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #3
Author - Michael Scott
Publisher - Ember
Pages - 512
Source - Borrowed from the school library

Nicholas, Josh and Sophie find themselves in the middle of London surrounded by enemies without any means of protection.  Perenelle has finally achieved a semblance of freedom on Alcatraz, however Nereus and the Nereids still keep her from reaching the shores of San Francisco.  Dee and Machiavelli, having seen both of the twins awakened powers put to use on the top of Notre Dame, have been ordered to capture them at any cost and by any means necessary regardless of the cost of life.  The Dark Elders have decreed the Flamel's deaths and the capture of the legendary twins and have called in favors, from beings even older than themselves, to accomplish their task!

Love this book and series.  My students and school media specialist were totally right, they are great!  They are so hard to put down.  I want to read them when I should be grading papers! :)  Also, the author gave background knowledge on Stonehege in the back on this one which I found really interesting.

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